Valeria Real (1980) artist and audiovisual creator from Patagonia, Argentina, lives and works in Madrid.

In 2020 she completed a Masters degree in Project Management and International Photography at EFTI. She was invited to participate in the group exhibition “… Y La Vida Imita Al Arte”, Factoriarte Gallery, Madrid.

In 2019 she was invited by the Global Disability Summit Argentina 2019 to participate in Tecnopolis and also takes part in the exhibition “Conjugando”, in Ateneo Grand Splending – CABA. That year her art travels to Scope Art Fair Miami Aqua Art Fair with the “Post Oceans” Project.

In 2018 the Artepar Foundation selects the exhibition “Recreo” for an inclusive solo show with high social commitment.

That same year she exhibits “Recreo” at Aqua Art Miami, GALLERyLABS artist and participates in Latin American Exhibit, New Haven (USA).

During 2017 she presents “Magic Park”, which is shown at Fundación Esteban Lisa in the City of Buenos Aires and at the Municipal Museum of Visual Arts in Trelew (Chubut); she also takes part in “Instancia”, a group show at Espacio Modos (CABA).

Her works are made up of visually palpable images. In them she seeks as an artist to direct the gaze towards a window guided by colours, textures, movement and her social commitment, which is the starting point for her projects.

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