Biography and Professional Career


Valeria Real (1980) is a photographer and audiovisual artist born in Patagonia, Argentina. Lives and works in Madrid.

Graduated from the Master of Photography at EFTI and CIEVYC Centro de Investigación y Experimentación en Video y Cine -Buenos Aires.

The subject Water, permanently motivates her to work with scientific institutions for the study and research of her photographic projects, carrying out residencies in the department of marine and atmospheric sciences at the University of Miami and Conicet Argentina.

Her works are composed of visually abstract images, combining different plastic supports and installations. In them, as an artist, she seeks to direct the gaze towards a window guided by colors, textures, movement, interacting with space, carrying out interdisciplinary works.

She was invited to participate:

2023 Selected for the Festival Off Photo Spain, with the project “Entorno Inmediato”- Galería de Arte A Ciegas- Madrid.

2023, Participates in “Artificial intelligence as a creative tool”, dictated by the artist Daniel Canogar, Fundación Andreani and Bunge Born.

2022 Participates in the Biennial BIT international art, science and technology. 4th Edition Climate Change.

2022, Participates in “Artificial intelligence as a creative tool”, dictated by the artist Daniel Canogar, Andreani Foundation and Bunge Born.

2021 Selected for the Off Photo Spain 2021 Festival with the project “Understanding Matter”.

2019 Summoned by the Global Disability Summit Argentina to participate with the series “Recreo” made in Braille. Argentina.

2018 solo exhibition “Recreo” at the Artepar Foundation, an inclusive exhibition with high social commitment. Argentina

2017 solo exhibition “Magic Park” at the Municipal Museum of Visual Arts of Trelew in Chubut. Argentina.

From 2016 to the present she participates in Scope Art Fair in Miami. United States.

Aqua Art Fair in Miami. United States, Art On Paper New York.

Buenos Aires Photo Art Fair. Argentina.

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